Budgeting & Credit

Budgeting Resources

7 Steps to Better Money Management
Get a jump start in handling your finances, with these 7 tips to help you manage your money more effectively. (PDF)

FREE, easy-to-use software to help you manage money more effectively. Download the program to your computer to create your own personalized budget!



Learning Lab
Online courses to help you increase your financial confidence. Choose from courses including Budgeting Basics, Credit Reports and Scores, and Preparing to Buy a Home.

Whether you are looking to open a checking account for the first time or you have had difficulty handling an account in the past, the CheckRight interactive course is designed to teach you how to manage your checking account.



Checking Account Coach
This interactive guide coaches you in managing your checking account.



Couples & Money Coach
This quick guide coaches you through building your financial future as a couple.

Credit Resources

Dealing With Debt & Understanding Credit Reports
Debt is money you have borrowed from a person or a business. When you owe someone money, you have a liability. Learn about “good debt vs. bad debt”, avoiding debt traps, and much more. Worksheets and tools are included in this in-depth guide to help you understand debt and credit. (PDF)

Understanding Your Credit Score
Banks, credit card companies and other businesses use credit scores to estimate how likely you are to pay back money you borrow. Find out where credit scores come from, how to raise your score, and how to fix mistakes. (PDF)

Credit Management Coach
This interactive guide coaches you to manage credit wisely to achieve your goals.